Gigel Royal Recycling S.R.L. is a family runned company, with experience in waste management since 1997. Our work capacity, team work and field knowledge positioned us in the top amongst Romanian collectors. For example, since February 2016 until March 2017 we have collected and delivered for recycling 40'000 tonnes of packaging glass waste.

Since the befinning 2017 we have expanded from individual entreprise Ilie E.C. Gigel Claudia I.I. to S.R.L., in order to increase the number of employees and to establish our third waste collection center.

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Proactivity in the conservation of the environment through efficient waste management services.
Recapitalization of recyclable materials.
Developing long lasting partnerships.


To remain amongst the main waste management industrial operators, through our high productivity and professionalism.


Productivity and efficiency.
Professionalism and seriousness.
Promptitude and flexibility.

We operate with every machinery and equipment necessary to collect, weigh, clean and pack or bale the waste materials : conveyor belts, mangetic separators, glass crushers and industrial presses.

We form a good structure with our international clients, and our legal integrity in business, through discipline, meticulousness and document corectness, is an assuring trust to each of our partners.

Through our professionalism and reliability shown to each of our supplier and client, from individuals to international companies and factories, we have built long lasting relationships. On time payments, on time transport and our promptness recommend us.

Currently, we collect:

- Post-consumer packaging glass waste - cullet (code 150107);
- Post-consumer PET waste (code 150102);
- Post-consumer HDPE waste - beer and bread plastic crates (code 150102);
- Post-consumer packaging metals - aluminum cans - UBC (code 150104);
- Ferrous scrap (code 170405);
- Aluminum Waste (code 170402);
- Aluminum Radiators waste (code 170402);
- COPPER waste (code 170401);
- BRASS waste (code 170401);
- Brass Radiators Desalination (code 160118);
- Lead-acid CAR BATTERIES with lead (code 160601);

Our work branches are:

Mizil, county of Prahova (near the capital of Bucharest)
Caracal, Olt county (south)
Răcăciuni, county of Bacău (east)

Quick contacts

Central office:
+40 344 14 51 83 (English)
+40 721 28 07 34 (English)
+40 762 14 02 99 (Romanian)
+40 731 15 79 11 (Romanian)

Mizil collection site:
+40 762 82 41 29 (Romanian)

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Gigel Royal Recycling S.R.L.

24 Gheorghe Doja

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